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Ways to Help Whooping Cranes


You love and respect Indiana wildlife. As a responsible hunter, you take pride in following the rules, regulations, and laws surrounding hunting in Indiana. There is no hunting season for Whooping Cranes, nor Sandhill Cranes which look similar. As a federally endangered species, it is illegal to shoot Whooping Cranes.

Unfortunately, Indiana has one of the highest poaching rates of these cranes, likely due to intentional shooting by vandals rather than mistaking these birds for other species. You can help lower these numbers! Be their eyes and ears while you scout other species, listening to stories and watching for unethical behavior towards any species. Leave a legacy by being good stewards of the land.

1. Keep your distance! Stay 200 yards (2 football fields) away from Whooping Cranes in the wild.

2. Head up, Wings up…Back up! Observe Whooping Crane behavior. If they are alert and staring at you or their wings are up, you are disturbing them. Keep your distance.

3. Respect private property! Is the property private? Keep driving! Is the property public? Park in a designated parking area and keep your distance.

4. Save their tomorrow – Report today! If you see someone harassing, disturbing, or poaching Whooping Cranes call the Indiana Department of Natural Resources at 1-800-TIP-IDNR.

5. Save the cranes and the places they dance! Contact your local and state legislators asking them to support the protection and conservation of wetlands. Then vote to support those who do.