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Dr. Tran Triet, Director of Southeast Asia Program

Protecting Cranes in Southeast Asia

Dr. Tran Triet was born in Vietnam and began working for the International Crane Foundation (ICF) in 1993 while pursuing his M.Sc. (biometry) and Ph.D. (land resources) from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Upon completion of his degrees in 1999, Dr. Triet began to direct ICF’s program first in Vietnam and later throughout Southeast Asia. He has been instrumental in developing the first regional training program for wetland science that is now taught within a consortium of 18 Southeast Asian universities.

Dr. Triet’s work in Vietnam with Phu My villagers on the Ha Tien – Habitats to Handbags project received the prestigious United Nations Dubai Award and the Equator Prize for impact, sustainability, partnership and community empowerment. Dr. Triet’s creative project combines protecting nearly 6,500 acres of wetlands important for wildlife, including Eastern Sarus Cranes, with developing skills and alternative livelihoods for residents of one of Vietnam’s poorest villages. After six years of implementation, the income of local families increased fivefold, and the number of Sarus Cranes using the Phu My wetland during the dry season grew from 5 to 259 (almost 30% of the known population). He is now working to expand this program from Phu My to Cambodia and to other conservation areas in Vietnam.

ICF’s host institution in the region is the University of Natural Science, Vietnam National University – Ho Chi Minh City, where Dr. Triet serves as a faculty member. This joint appointment allows ICF to strengthen its collaboration with research, academic and conservation communities in the region.

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Dr. Tran Triet (right) with colleagues from An Giang University, Cambodia and Louisiana State University, USA near the Mekong River in Cambodia.