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Dr. Sergei Smirenski, President Muraviovka Park

Local Conservation in Russia

Sergei, of Moscow State University, is the Founder and President of Muraviovka Park for Sustainable Land Use in the Amur Region, Russia. He has collaborated with the International Crane Foundation (ICF) closely on crane issues since the 1970s. He conducted extensive research on birds along the middle portion of the Amur River in eastern Siberia and has continued his fieldwork there since 1970. Sergei is one of the initiators and promoters of community-based conservation in that region. Together with ICF, Sergei co-organized several international workshops in the Amur Region and Muraviovka Park and the annual (since 1994) Amur expedition of American teachers and summer education camp. He visits the United States several times a year to lecture about Russian conservation issues and to involve American organizations in conservation of the Amur Basin. In 2006, Dr. Smirenski received an award from the Bruno H. Schubert Foundation (Frankfurt, Germany) for his outstanding and innovative achievements in conservation and community outreach. The Foundation has recognized Sergei as “a conservationist whose path-breaking efforts in Russia also offer extremely instructive impulses to the West”.

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Dr. Sergei and Elena Smirenski. Photo by Frank Heien