International Crane Foundation


2019 Visitor Season Updates

Beginning in fall 2018, the International Crane Foundation will embark on a $10 million expansion and renovation. Improvements include a new visitor center and ten updated crane exhibits. We are excited to have this new opportunity and look forward to sharing the benefits of a larger bus drop off area, more shade structures, and new teaching areas and interpretive sites. Learn more about these improvements.

All of these improvements will take time to construct, and therefore the International Crane Foundation will be closed for the 2019 visitor season. We plan on reopening the site in 2020.

The education team at the International Crane Foundation are working on ways to connect with schools is 2019. For more information about how we plan to engage with schools while we are closed be sure to check back here throughout 2019.

Thank you for your continued support of the International Crane Foundation. We are very excited to show you our new site in 2020!