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Headquarters' Grand Opening Saturday, June 27, 2020

We will share information about our grand opening plans as they become available. Until then, please mark your 2020 calendar with this important date.

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The International Crane Foundation is the only place on Earth where you can see all 15 of the world’s crane species!

Located in Baraboo amid the farmlands of southern Wisconsin, the International Crane Foundation’s headquarters are just ten minutes from the Wisconsin Dells and surrounding Baraboo Hills. Visitors to our site may enjoy a guided tour of the world’s cranes, take a hike on our nature trails, and browse nature-themed items from around the world in our gift shop.

Looking for a fun family day trip? Watch this short video from Buzzed Into Madison to help plan your next visit to our headquarters!




Catbird, photo by Ted Thousand

Join Discover Wisconsin as they tour our headquarters in this segment from Wisconsin Birding.