International Crane Foundation


Our Dreams Take Flight Through Your Gifts

In the 1930s, as few as 25 pairs of Sandhill Cranes remained in Wisconsin, making them all but extirpated in the state. But, thanks to the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918 and the protection of more than 50 percent of Wisconsin wetlands, today Sandhill Cranes are a fantastic conservation success story. The International Crane Foundation is charged with writing the next chapter.

Your gifts help us achieve our dreams for Whooping Cranes! In the Eastern Flyway, spanning from Wisconsin to Florida, we are working toward a future of at least 25 Whooping Crane pairs and a self-sustaining wild flock. In the Central Flyway that extends from Canada to Texas, we are working to grow the last remaining wild flock to at least 1,000 Whooping Cranes and 250 bonded pairs.

Help us write the next chapter in the story for Whooping Cranes and all crane species threatened with extinction.

We thank you for fueling our dreams!