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Help us build a new home for our cranes!

“Cranes are magnificent dancers, international travelers and great ambassadors for conservation worldwide. What birds could be more deserving of our help and protection?” ~ Sir David Attenborough

A place where dreams take flight.

The universal appeal of cranes as symbols for conservation brings people together and inspires enthusiastic action to resolve broader conservation challenges that matter deeply to everyone. The cranes at our headquarters are international ambassadors for peace and goodwill and serve as flagship species for some of the most important places on Earth.

And, they need a new home!

With your support, the International Crane Foundation’s headquarters will undergo a much-needed renovation to create better crane environments, visitor experiences and enhanced messages to support our global mission.

Thank you for helping us build a new home for our cranes!

For information on recognition opportunities, please contact Kari Stauffer, Director of Development, at 608-356-9462 ext. 115.


Total Needed - $10,000,000
Raised - $8,170,000

Help us build a new home for our cranes!

Our crane exhibits connect people to the birds, their native lands and habitats we seek to protect. The planned improvements at our headquarters include enlarged exhibits with ponds and a new visitor center.

Upgrading crane environments

Each exhibit will feature ponds that better simulate the natural habitats of each crane species. Murals in several exhibits will tell the story of the landscape, people and communities where the cranes live.  Exhibits will provide memorable stories about our important conservation work in places like Africa, Southeast Asia and China.

Enhancing the visitor experience

A new, improved and larger visitor center will allow visitors to connect with our foundation’s mission on multiple levels. The center will offer dynamic interpretive elements, an indoor viewing opportunity for the Sandhill Crane exhibit, an expanded gift shop, member information and a new theater.

The larger theater will showcase innovative technology that immerses visitors in the experience of crane migration. Through this technology, visitors will experience the sights and sounds of 400,000 Sandhill Cranes flying overhead during spring migration and witness Siberian Cranes arriving on their wintering grounds.

A new Sandhill Crane exhibit with an indoor viewing pavilion within the visitor center welcomes guests as they begin their journey of discovery about the worldwide work of the International Crane Foundation.

The Cranes and Culture exhibit will highlight traditions that connect people and cranes throughout the world.

Other site improvements

  • Improved, greater space for school groups to meet, including a new bus drop-off and loading area, providing safe, easy access to the visitor center.
  • An informative and artistic Cranes and Culture display honoring the cultural connection of cranes throughout history.
  • Upgrades to the beloved Whooping Crane exhibit.
  • A completely new habitat and home for our Critically Endangered Siberian Cranes, including a large wetland area.
  • Beautiful crane sculptures illustrating the various crane behaviors and life stages throughout the site.
  • A larger picnic area and more parking spaces.


Total Needed - $1,200,000
Raised - $500,000

A model for crane conservation centers worldwide, Crane City maintain birds of high genetic value and is a haven for breeding rare cranes for captive populations and reintroductions.

Crane City needs your help. The buildings and enclosures need renovation. 

Our amazing crane ambassadors need a home during the cold Wisconsin winter when not on exhibit. We call this winter home Crane City. This facility houses our breeding birds and provides training and hands-on experience to aviculturists and conservation partners from around the world.

Nearly 50 percent of the birds residing at Crane City are Endangered Whooping Cranes. They are critical to our reintroduction efforts. These birds rear chicks and supply eggs for the reintroduction of Whooping Cranes into Wisconsin and Louisiana, part of a strategy to help bring this species back from extinction.

The upgrades to Crane City will allow us to keep making strides in securing cranes throughout the world – whether through reintroduction projects, building capacity by training future generations of conservationists from around the world, or through our participation in the Association of Zoos and Aquariums Species Survival Plans, which guide captive breeding for several crane species.

This old house in Crane City

An older crane enclosure in Crane City – imagine what it will look like with new netting, updated siding and a new roof!

Needed improvements include:

  • Netting for each enclosure.
  • Siding and roofs for each house to keep birds safe from inclement weather and predators throughout the year.
  • Water hydrants to supply fresh water to the birds year-round.
  • Updated video monitoring equipment for bird observations. This equipment is used to monitor breeding behaviors and chick rearing critical for our work.

The New Home for Our Cranes campaign began as part of a comprehensive campaign to advance the work of saving cranes into the next 45 years. We salute the inaugural donors to this campaign for extending the work of the International Crane Foundation beyond the gates of our headquarters in Baraboo, Wisconsin to the habitats and communities worldwide that are a home to cranes!

$5,000,000 + ‑ ($5,000,000.00 + )

Dohmen Family Foundation

The Walbridge Fund, Ltd.                                                                                                                                                                         

$1,000,000 ‑ $2,500,000 ‑ ($1,000,000.00 + )

Derse Foundation

Reinhardt H. & Shirley R. Jahn Foundation Trust                                                                                                                                                                

$500,000 ‑ $999,999 ‑ ($500,000.00 + )

Mary and Terry Kohler

Rushmore Foundation

$250,000 ‑ $499,999 ‑ ($250,000.00 + )


Arthur J. Donald Family Foundation

The Buchanan Family Foundation

Robert C. Dohmen*

$100,000 ‑ $249,999 ‑ ($100,000.00 + )

Avery Family

Sandra and Steven* Becker

Margaret and Lawrence* Benjamin

Yuko and James* Brumm

The Donnelley Foundation

Erica P. John Fund

Anne and Hall* Healy

Heather Henson*

Patti* and Jack McKeithan

Janet* and James McKenna

Ursula and Gerd* Muehllehner

Margery Nicolson Ph.D.*

Jennifer Speers*

Lynde B. Uihlein

Sandra* and David Whitmore

$50,000 ‑ $99,999 ‑ ($50,000.00 + )

Antonia Foundation

Kyoko and George* Archibald

Karen and Joseph* Branch

The Cara Foundation, Inc.

Clarissa and Henry Chandler

Mary Mills Dunea

Nancy Roehr and Steve Euller*

Nina Griswold*

Laura and Robert* Hoguet III

Nancy Leonard and Urban Lehner*

Nancy* and John Merrill

Cookie and Jon Miller

Julie and Hugh* O’Halloran

Regina Phelps*

Jeanne* and Larry Prochnow

Kathleen D. Ryan*

Sara Simmonds

Ireene Sullivan

Stiftung Feuchtgebiete

Patricia and Timothy* Tuff

$25,000 ‑ $49,999 ‑ ($25,000.00 + )

Kathleen and Robert B. Brumder

Susan and Sanford Carnahan

Jane* and Richard* Dana

Lynne and Charles Gibbons

Ann Hamilton*

Forrest Hartmann*

Laura and Robert* Hoguet III

Jane Smith Turner Foundation

Adel B. Korkor

Krause Family Foundation, Inc.

The M.L.E. Foundation

Patricia Manigault

Dave Myers*

Janet and Andrew Raddatz

Zoologische Gesellschaft Frankfurt

$10,000 ‑ $24,999 ‑ ($10,000.00 + )

Roberta* and Ira Asher

Ann and Roger Avery

Leslie Coolidge

Judy and John* Day

Randy Beaton and Sidney England*

Paula and Andrew Holman

Bettye Leidigh

Joan Olsen‑French

Victoria Shaw*

Jacqueline and Bill Smith*

Ellen Reintjes and Don Tatzin

Ann Tisdale*

Turner Foundation, Inc.

Deb and William Ward, Jr.

Winona Corporation

Ginny Wolfe*

$5,000 ‑ $9,999 ‑ ($5,000.00 + )

Rosemary and Jonathan Avery

Susan Avery

Barbi and Thomas* Donnelley II

Margot and John Ernst

Kathy and Rick* Fox

Nancy and Larry Fuller

Eleanor* and Leigh Hoagland

Janet and Thomas* Hoffmann

Kathleen Hawkins and Charles Marn

Nancy Mathews*

Sylvia and Harry* Peterson

Puelicher Foundation

Sarah Moore and Paul Robbins*

Suzanne Brust and John Shepard*

Elayne and Richard* Steeves

Judy and Michael Sheridan

Lori and Jeffrey* Sundberg

Thora Vervoren

$2,500 ‑ $4,999 ‑ ($2,500.00 + )


Katie and Richard* Beilfuss

Denver Zoological Foundation, Inc

Mirabel Helme*

Nancy* and John O’Donnell

$1,000 ‑ $2,499 ‑ ($1,000.00 + )

Mary Callan

William Conway*

Jane Dennis

Judy Derse* and Gery Langenbach

Donna McBain Evans and Sam* Evans

Elizabeth Evanson

Frieda & William Hunt Memorial Trust

George L.N. Meyer Family Foundation

Kathy Hansen

Susan and Lee Jennings

Hope Gladney Jessup

Janice Johnson

Mary Korkor

Louise and David Maybank

Mead Witter Foundation, Inc.

The M.L.E Foundation

Regina and Don* Sauey

Phyllis and Raymond Sidorsky

Arthur Smith


*Board or Emeritus Director

We made every effort to ensure that this list is accurate. If there are errors, we apologize and encourage you to call Kari Stauffer, Director of Development, at 608-356-9462 ext. 115 with any corrections.