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Mekong River

Sarus Cranes, Tram Chim

Sarus Cranes at Tram Chim National Park, Vietnam in the Mekong River Delta. Photo by Doan Hong

Why We Care

Mekong River locator mapFrom the Tibetan Plateau and China’s Yunnan Province, the Mekong River runs through Southeast Asia, a landscape important for Eastern Sarus Cranes and millions of people, including some of Asia’s poorest.


What We Do

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For more than 20 years, ICF has been deeply involved in the establishment and management of Tram Chim National Park, the largest wetland conservation area in the Mekong Delta. In addition, ICF is helping villagers around key wetland areas improve their livelihoods, while protecting areas essential to Sarus Cranes and many other species, through the sustainable production and sale of baskets and other products made from wetland vegetation. ICF is passing these conservation lessons to a new generation through training in wetland management involving a network of 18 universities in the region.


Can baskets help protect Sarus Cranes in the Mekong Delta? In Vietnam, ICF is working with local villagers to develop baskets and other products made from wetland reeds, which provide much needed income and an economic incentive to protect the wetlands needed by cranes and other wildlife.

This community project, along with long-term wetland restoration and training for a new generation of wetland managers, are models for crane conservation in Southeast Asia and around the world.

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