International Crane Foundation


Jim Harris, Senior Vice President

Linking People and Cranes in East Asia

Jim “migrated” to Wisconsin from New England to pursue a M.S. in Environmental Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He volunteered for the International Crane Foundation (ICF) in the 1970s and even went looking (in vain) for ivory-billed woodpeckers with Ron Sauey, ICF’s Co-founder. He joined ICF’s staff in 1984 and today has multiple duties that include implementing our East Asia Program, supervising our Africa Program, writing and fund raising. Much of his work focuses on Red-crowned and Siberian Cranes and water issues that affect the wetlands on which these cranes depend in eastern China and far eastern Russia, as well as helping local communities protect their natural resources while restoring landscapes important to cranes.  Jim also serves as the Chair of the Crane Specialist Group under IUCN and Wetlands International. He spends half of each year in China, with his wife Su Liying and son Steven. Liying earned her Ph.D. through ICF’s Sandhill Crane research in central Wisconsin and now works with Jim on Chinese cranes.

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Flight Plan: A successful crane conservation program in China’s Guizhou province holds lessons for people’s participation in restoration projects. Earth Island Journal (Summer 2012)