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In the News – November and December 2019


Our monthly summary of media stories highlighting the International Crane Foundation’s global programs.

Australia’s Sarus Crane needs attention, say Indian researchers, Business Standard; also via Yahoo! News

Friends of the feathered, Patriot

Will the lonely Siberian Crane ‘Omid’ come back to Iran this year?, Tehran Times

Whooping Crane populations are on the rise, but that concerns Gulf Coast conservationists, Texas Standard

Day trip: Whooping Cranes return to Indiana, The Enquirer

World renowned conservationist to host special event in Norfolk, Dereham Times

Conserving endangered cranes whilst improving family planning in Uganda, Population & Sustainability Network

Cranes, nature and godliness, Nepali Times

If you think North Korea is a wild place, check out the DMZ, The Wall Street Journal

Showcasing action for AEWA priority species: Grey Crowned Crane, AEWA