International Crane Foundation


Help us Re-build in Rockport, Texas

To all of you who answered our call for help following the Hurricane Harvey devastation of our International Crane Foundation Rockport, Texas, office — We thank you!

We are humbled by your generosity and grateful for your help while we continue to work to rebuild our Texas Program. We are using donations to purchase office and field supplies needed to make sure we are up and running again and to conduct research and prepare for the fall Whooping Crane migration back to the Texas Gulf.

Please help us reach our campaign goal of $80,000 so we can do everything in our power to prepare for the biggest Whooping Crane flock in modern history when it returns to Texas this fall!

Clean-up of Rockport, Texas office following Hurricane Harvey in August 2017.

Several volunteers turned out to help our staff sort through our destroyed office in Rockport, Texas. A thousand square feet of office space is now reduced to a small pile of useable office and field materials.


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