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FREE Crane Call Ringtone!


Download a crane ringtone for your phone – and impress your friends! 

Red-crowned Crane unison call (mp3 sound file)

Directions: Right-click on the link to download the mp3 file to your phone or computer. Instructions on adding ringtones vary by phone and we recommend looking online for instructions specific to your phone. We found these instructions helpful for adding the ringtone to an iPhone.

Crane Calls 101

Unison, contact, guard, these are all different types of crane calls. Both unison and guard calls are loud, bugling calls that are meant to get your attention! Contact calls, in contrast, are much quieter. Click on the links below to listen to example contact and unison calls.

Whooping Crane adults and chick forage in a wetland in Wisconsin

A contact call is used by two cranes to communicate their location and reassurance, such as between these Whooping Crane adults and chick.

Photo by Crane Wu

Unison calls are duets performed by a pair, to help reinforce their pair bond and defend their territory. The crane pair to the left are unison calling. The male is on the right and female on the left.