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Plains, Cranes and a Watershed

10/22/2020 @ 11:00 pm – 10/23/2020 @ 12:00 pm

Photos by Michael Forsberg and Tom Lynn

Join us for our special member’s only webinar with Conservation Photographer Michael Forsberg and North America Program Director Liz Smith, on Thursday, Oct. 22, at 11 a.m. Central Time. Members will receive information on how to register. Click here to join the flock today!

Before the presentation, our President and CEO Rich Beilfuss will welcome members, share a few stories about life during this pandemic year for our worldwide team and hold a brief Annual Members Meeting to elect the new members of the International Crane Foundation Board of Directors. 

Magic happens in the heart of North America each March when nearly a million Sandhill Cranes descend to the Platte River Valley in central Nebraska. In that beautiful moment of spring is the largest gathering of cranes in the world. The braided river serves as the nexus of a migratory flyway, a once vast prairie ecosystem and a watershed with a deep history.

Join Conservation Photographer and Nebraska native Michael Forsberg as he takes us on a lifelong personal journey with camera in hand following cranes up and down the Central Flyway, and exploring the Great Plains – once one of the greatest grasslands on Earth. See in a new way his home watershed where he co-founded an innovative multi-media storytelling project called Platte Basin Timelapse (PBT) that leverages the power of photography to explore the questions of where our water comes from and what it means to live in a watershed community. Healthy watersheds, resilient grasslands and the connectivity of migratory flyways are central to almost every conversation we have about crane conservation in the world today. And those conversations are stories and imagery that, when shared, have the power to elevate the science and transcend the politics to help each of us connect personally, care deeply and understand what is at stake.