International Crane Foundation



The International Crane Foundation offers many different opportunities for bringing cranes into your classroom. Our programs and resources, including field trips and activity packets, are closely linked to National Academic Standards and Wisconsin’s Model Academic Standards.

ICF’s educational programs and resources will breathe life into your curriculum by introducing your students to:

  • Endangered species management and conservation.
  • Biology of cranes.
  • Wetland and grassland ecosystems.
  • Relationships among cranes, their habitats, and people.
  • Cultural significance of cranes around the globe, including music and literature.

We invite you to learn more about our multi-disciplinary programs and resources:


Activity Packets

Classroom and Youth Group Adopt-a-Crane

Crane Behavior Guide

Estuaries in the Balance

Frequently Asked Questions and Glossary

School Field Trips

International Programs

Origami Cranes

See How They Grow

Whooping Crane Trunk