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Crane City Renovations

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A model for crane conservation centers worldwide, Crane City maintain birds of high genetic value and is a haven for breeding rare cranes for captive populations and reintroductions.

Crane City needs your help. The buildings and enclosures need renovation. 

Our amazing crane ambassadors need a home during the cold Wisconsin winter when not on exhibit. We call this winter home Crane City. This facility houses our breeding birds and provides training and hands-on experience to aviculturists and conservation partners from around the world.

Nearly 50 percent of the birds residing at Crane City are Endangered Whooping Cranes. They are critical to our reintroduction efforts. These birds rear chicks and supply eggs for the reintroduction of Whooping Cranes into Wisconsin and Louisiana, part of a strategy to help bring this species back from extinction.

The upgrades to Crane City will allow us to keep making strides in securing cranes throughout the world – whether through reintroduction projects, building capacity by training future generations of conservationists from around the world, or through our participation in the Association of Zoos and Aquariums Species Survival Plans, which guide captive breeding for several crane species.

This old house in Crane City

An older crane enclosure in Crane City – imagine what it will look like with new netting, updated siding and a new roof!

Needed improvements include:

  • Netting for each enclosure.
  • Siding and roofs for each house to keep birds safe from inclement weather and predators throughout the year.
  • Water hydrants to supply fresh water to the birds year-round.
  • Updated video monitoring equipment for bird observations. This equipment is used to monitor breeding behaviors and chick rearing critical for our work.