International Crane Foundation


Claire Mirande, Senior Director of Conservation Networking

Power of Partnerships

Claire is responsible for coordinating the International Crane Foundation’s (ICF’s) regional and flyway networks and partnerships. She works with the IUCN Crane Specialist Group to monitor status and trends of wild crane populations and respond to key threats. She is responsible for vital zoo networking needed to ensure that captive breeding supports conservation goals, such as reducing impact of trade, management of sustainable captive populations, and zoo support of field conservation. Claire further oversees ICF’s Siberian crane conservation activities by coordinating implementation of the Convention for Migratory Species Memorandum of Understanding for the Siberian Crane and served as Project Director for the 10-year, $23 million UNEP/GEF Siberian Crane Wetland Project. Claire is responsible for technical advice to colleagues on reintroduction techniques, satellite transmitters and genetic management. She served as Curator of Birds from 1984-1996 and Director of the Crane Conservation Department form 2009-2010.  Claire has a B.S. in Wildlife Science and a M.S. in Ecology and Animal Behavior.

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