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ICF supports the work of the Crane and Waterbird Specialist Group of the China Ornithological Society to promote research and the development of professional networks focusing on crane and wetland conservation in China. Through this effort, ICF supports the Small Grants Program, that annually provides one to three grants of $1,500 each to Chinese researchers to investigate topics related to cranes or their habitats and with significance for conservation. Research projects supported by the Small Grants Program for Crane Research include:


  • Ma Zhijun, Habitat changes and their impact on wintering Red-crowned Cranes
  • Li Laixing, Habitat selection by breeding Black-necked Cranes
  • Liu Zhiyong, Wintering habitat changes of Siberian Cranes and conservation strategies


  • Yu Weidong, Crane ecology in Changjiang River delta
  • Han Xiaodong, Environmental impacts on crane population and distribution in Jinlin Province


  • He Chunguang, Impact on Red-crowned Cranes by reed-cutting
  • Wu Jiandong, Wintering behavior of Siberian Cranes
  • Li Xiaomin, Population status and dynamics of cranes in the Sanjiang Plain


  • Xing Lianlian, Survey of breeding grounds and conservation in Inner Mongolia
  • Li Lin, Breeding of Hooded Cranes in China
  • Lu Juanzhang, Population, distribution and habitats of cranes in the Yellow River delta


  • Zhou Lizhi, Characteristics of wintering habitats of Hooded Cranes in Anqing Prefecture of Anhui
  • Wang Haitao, Habitat selection and population dynamics of Siberian Cranes in Jilin


  • Wu Heqi, Black-necked Crane breeding population survey in Ruoergai, Sichuan Province


  • Li Feng, Crane status, habitat monitoring and conservation in the Yellow River wetlands of Shannxi Province
  • Cheng Wanjun, Habitat selection and conservation of the Demoiselle Crane in Inner Mongolia


  • Wu Xiushan, Ecology and conservation strategies for wintering Eurasian Cranes at Yeya Lake, Beijing


  •  Wu Qingming, Study on spatial and breeding habitat selection of White-naped Cranes in Zhalong
  • Liu Huajin, Study on the distribution, population and habitat selection of cranes around Xingkai Lake, China and Russia

To facilitate communication among researchers within the country and abroad, ICF is supporting the publication of the China Crane News. First published in 1997, the semi-annual newsletter provides an opportunity for researchers and reserve managers to publish information on their work. The newsletter, published in both Chinese and English, focuses on such topics as crane research, population surveys, conservation actions, captive breeding, habitat management, and environmental education in China. For more information about the newsletter, contact Dr. Ding Changqing, College of Forestry, Beijing Forestry University.

Location: China Ornithological Society
Focus: Waterbird Research, Monitoring, Information Exchange
Funding: Chinese Academic Link International Association, The Felburn Foundation, Cracid Breeding and Conservation Center
Year Initiated: 1997

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