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ICF has received support from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation-ConocoPhillips SPIRIT of Conservation Migratory Bird Program to conduct a three-year project focusing on endangered cranes and wetland ecosystems along the east China flyway. The project focuses on site-level activities at nature reserves and other locations that protect critical migratory and winter habitat for the Siberian Crane and other waterbirds. The project activities dovetail with a six-year UNEP/GEF Siberian Crane Wetland Project to safeguard internationally important wetlands along the migratory flyways for Siberian Cranes and other waterbirds.

Highlights of the flyway conservation project include support of a long term research program on Siberian Crane ecology in the Poyang Lake Basin, Jiangxi Province; wetland monitoring and the development of water management plans for Zhalong National Nature Reserve, Heilongjiang Province; and annual spring and fall waterbird surveys at key wetlands in and near Tianjin.

The scientific studies are complemented by education programs targeting local communities and the development of the trilingual (Chinese-Russian-English) Three White Cranes, Two Flyways, One World website to engage students in China, Russia and the United States in crane and wetland conservation. The education activities are an extension of a three-year environmental education project completed by ICF and Beijing Brooks Education Center with support of the Henry Luce Foundation.

Location: Bohai Bay/Tianjin, Poyang Lake Nature Reserve (Jiangxi Province), Zhalong Nature Reserve (Heilongjiang Province), Xianghai and Momoge Nature Reserves (Jilin Province), Keerqin Nature Reserves (Inner Mongolia), and Muraviovka Park (Amur Region, Russia)
Partners: Beijing Brooks Education Center, Northeast Institute of Geography and Agro-ecology, Beijing Normal University, Poyang Lake National Nature Reserve, Yakutsk Institute for Biological Problems of the Permafrost Zone, National Bird Banding Center of China, Northeast Forestry University, Qiqihar University
Focus: Wetland Ecology, Capacity Building, Education, Community-based Conservation, Migratory Birds
Funding: National Fish and Wildlife Foundation-ConocoPhillips SPIRIT of Conservation Migratory Bird Program
Year Initiated: 2006-2009