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For the past 32 years, the International Crane Foundation has celebrated the return of migratory birds with our annual Bird-a-Thon. Teams of enthusiastic birders join us in raising our eyes to the sky and our ears to the wind to see how many species we can spot in 24 hours.

It brings us great pleasure to report that the 2020 Bird-a-thon has raised nearly $15,000 for crane conservation. Thank you very much for your generous contributions!

We changed our regular Bird-a-thon routine this year to align with social distancing and reduced travel requirements during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. The Craniacs lead by our Co-founder George Archibald stayed in the countryside around Baraboo, Wisconsin, on their quest to record the highest number of species they could see in one day. They recorded 137 species!

Our President and CEO Rich Beilfuss’s team took a different tact — over the first three weeks of May, they made several shorter outings to see how many total birds they could view on spring migration through southcentral Wisconsin. They recorded 225 species, including some very unusual migrants that rarely appear in Wisconsin.

P.S. It’s not too late to contribute! Help us reach $20,000 for cranes by supporting the Craniacs here or by mailing a check with attention Bird-a-thon to the International Crane Foundation, P.O. Box 447, Baraboo, WI, 53913.

Questions? Please contact Jennifer Fiene.

White-breasted nuthatch. Photo by Ted Thousand