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Travel Opportunities

Join us for the trip of a lifetime as we travel to far-away places to see cranes in their native habitats. You will travel with staff and leaders of the International Crane Foundation, who will ensure your experience is unforgettable – and answer all of your questions along the way. You and fellow craniacs will have an opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the culture and history of the varied locales, while observing cranes and other wildlife. Our trips are what bucket lists are made of, so they fill up quickly.

We offer travel opportunities regularly. Please check back often!

Upcoming Trips

Ger camp in MongoliaMongolia, June 5-16, 2017

Anyone who has ever read of Lewis and Clark’s expedition and felt a yearning for travel through plains and over mountains untainted by human disturbance should travel to Mongolia! International Crane Foundation Co-Founder, Dr. George Archibald, will lead a group of adventurers on an expedition through Mongolia’s vast open landscapes. We invite you to join the journey, where you will travel by four-wheel drive vehicle across the steppes to a traditional “ger” camp and tented campsites – viewing birds, wildlife, and plants along the way. George will provide commentary on the projects the International Crane Foundation has helped to launch that will ensure the future of the endangered White-naped Crane, and five other crane species native to the country. Nyambayar Batbayar, International Crane Foundation Research Associate and Director of the Wildlife Science and Conservation Center of Mongolia, will join the group, lending expert interpretation on the natural and cultural significance of the area. Click here to view the trip itinerary and reservation form.

If you would like to join this adventure, or be notified of other travel opportunities, please contact Kari Stauffer, Development Services Manager, at 608-356-9462, ext. 115.

Past Travels

Here is just a sampling of our past travels:

Black-necked Crane Festival in Bhutan

The Cloud Kingdom of Bhutan 2016

Choose to follow cranes, and you will likely find yourself in a remarkable landscape — Bhutan is just such a destination! Deep valleys and towering mountain passes provide the backdrop for views of more than 100 species of birds, including the endangered white-bellied heron. The Black-necked Crane Festival at the beautiful temple monastery in the Phobjikha Valley provides a splendid taste of the culture of Bhutan, with traditional music and costumed dance. Click here to view the Bhutan trip itinerary.


Siberian Cranes, Poyang Lake, China

Photo by Zheng Zhongjie

Tour of Asia 2014

Craniacs who took the Tour of Asia in 2014 began in Poyang Lake China to see where Endangered Siberian Cranes spend the winter. Next, they traveled to the Korean DMZ whose wetlands support some of the biggest concentration, and some of the rarest waterbirds in Asia, including White-naped cranes. Their journey concluded in beautiful Hokkaido, Japan known for Red-crowned Cranes dancing in the snow. Click here to view the trip itinerary.