International Crane Foundation


Emeritus Directors

The International Crane Foundation’s Emeritus Directors are an important foundation for the success of our organization. All Emeritus Directors previously served as International Crane Foundation Directors – in some cases, for more than 20 years – and now continue to serve the foundation with their experience, expertise and financial support.  Their names, photos and brief biographical sketches are provided below.

Emeritus Directors
Joseph Branch Nancy Mathews
Robert Brumder Janet McKenna
William Conway Gerd Muehllehner
Leslie Coolidge Margery Nicolson
Jane Dana Nancy O’Donnell
Richard Dana Harry Peterson
John Day Regina Phelps
Judy Derse Diane Rikkers
Thomas Donnelley, II Kathleen D. Ryan
Samuel Evans Donald Sauey
Rick Fox Victoria Shaw
Nina Griswold Richard Steeves
Forrest Hartmann (Co-Founder) Irene Sullivan
Hall Healy  Ann Tisdale
Thomas Hoffmann Carl-Albrecht von Treuenfels
Charles Jahn Sandi Whitmore
Mark Lefebvre Ginny Wolfe
Lalise Mason Belinda Wright