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Dear Good People,

As the Grey Crowned Crane ambassador at the International Crane Foundation, I have important news about how Grey Crowned Cranes in Africa fight for their survival every day, and how you can help!

Now on the endangered list

The magnificent Grey Crowned Cranes of Africa are in serious trouble. Once common across its range from Uganda to South Africa, Grey Crowned Cranes recently were listed as endangered. The species declined by 80% over the last 25 years in East Africa.

Their beauty is their downfall: snatched from the wild into captivity

Live-trapping for illegal trade is driving Grey Crowned Crane declines and is a major threat to survival. Demand for illegal trade comes from captive facilities, which use the elegant birds for decoration because of their unique and striking appearance.

Other threats include wetland loss and degradation, human disturbance, live capture and egg collection for commercial trade, unintentional or intentional poisoning, power line collisions and land development.

Your generosity helps us protect these endangered beauties!

With your financial support, we can reduce the impact of global trade on African Crane species. And, we can work with communities to protect cranes and their important wetland habitats across East and Southern Africa.

Double your impact. Every dollar is matched!

A small group of generous donors – giving us a $50,000 match grant – believe as passionately in our work as we do, to protect the 11 of 15 cranes facing extinction. Now through September, show us your passion and support endangered cranes. Don’t forget! Every gift is matched!

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Photo by Ted Thousand




Grey Crowned Crane Ambassador

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