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The Chinese Academy of Science’s Kunming Institute of Zoology and the National Bird Banding Center in Beijing are conducting ecology studies of the banded Black-necked Cranes as part of the larger migration study. Through these studies, researchers in China are examining the habitats used by the cranes along their migration routes and at their wintering and breeding areas. Data obtained through these studies will be used to inform future conservation programs and managment plans for areas critical to the survival of the Black-necked Crane in western China.

Several graduate students have been extensively involved in several activities related to the project. Mr. Wu Heqi, a Ph.D. student at the Institute of Zoology, is studying the wintering ecology of the Blacked-necked Crane population at Dashanbao Nature Reserve in northeastern Yunnan Province. Mr. Wu is also studying the breeding ecology of the population at Ruoergai Marsh in northern Sichuan Province.

Ms. Gao Li Bo and Mrs. Zhang Huige, graduate students at the National Bird Banding Center, are completing complimentary ecology studies for their M.A. degrees focusing on the habitats selected by the banded cranes along their migration routes.

Ms. Gao completed her M.A. degree in July 2006. Both Wu Heqi and Zhang Huige are expecting to finish their degrees in summer 2007.

Tiaodunhe Reservoir
Tiaodunhe Reservoir, a roost site for Black-necked Cranes at Dashanbao Nature Reserve
Mr. Wu Heqi
Mr. Wu Heqi
Ms. Gao Li Bo
Ms. Gao Li Bo