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Collaboration is a key to success
Most environmental problems are caused by people. As such, the solutions to these problems must arise from people as well. Though the proportion of public ownership varies greatly across the continent, most lands in North America are owned privately. Solving myriad conservation issues, therefore, will require strong partnerships and collaborations that engage these private landowners and the lands they control. ICF participates in several projects that exemplify this approach.

FACTFarming And Conservation Together: Private landowners and conservation professionals are making good on a promise to enhance and restore natural landscapes while ensuring that farmers and other residents retain their property rights and the economic ability to stay on the land. For more information contact Eric Schlender

Potato Collaboration – ICF is a part of a collaboration (WWF/WPVGA/UW Collaboration) between the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), the Wisconsin Potato and Vegetable Growers Association (WPVGA), and the University of Wisconsin–Madison (UW). The collaboration’s goal is to work towards more ecologically sound potato and vegetable agricultural systems while also improving ecosystem restoration of wetlands, grasslands, and savannas (including crane habitat), soil health, water quality, and many other resources that come from private lands.

Blufflands – A cooperative project to assist private landowners in the stewardship of their prairies and savannas. For more information, visit the Aldo Leopold Foundation’s Blufflands Restoration Project.