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Take Flight!

Cranes in the Classroom
You and your students can take flight with Cranes in the Classroom!

Did you know that cranes:
…are interdisciplinary?
…fit well with all grade level instruction?
…correlate with state and national academic standards?
…offer a local and global prospective?

The International Crane Foundation (ICF) has developed a new and exciting opportunity for all K-12 educators across the country. Cranes in the Classroom is offered as a one or two-day workshop spotlighting the unique opportunities that cranes offer the classroom. Workshops explore all subject areas and learning styles and address such topics as genetics, migration and biodiversity among others. Bring some of the world’s most beautiful and endangered birds into your classroom for an adventure you and your students will treasure!

Workshop participants can include a Cranes in the Classroom workshop in their professional development plans.

$25.00 (Includes all materials)

Please contact the ICF Education Department for a current listing of dates. If you are interested in having a Cranes in the Classroom workshop at your location, please contact ICF’s Visitor Programs Coordinator at (608) 356-9462, ext. 127 or email Korie@savingcranes.org