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Program partners and supporters
The main project partners are the two core programs, the Kipsaina Crane and Wetlands Conservation Group and the Wildlife Clubs of Uganda based in Kibale, Bushenyi, and Mbarara Districts. Other partners in Kenya include the Kaisagat Environmental Conservation Youth Group, the Wetlands Programme of the National Museums of Kenya, the Kenya Crane Working Group, Nature Kenya, and Moi University. We are also working in partnership with the warden of Saiwa National Park. In Uganda, we are partnering with Makerere University, the National Wetlands Programme of Uganda, and Nature Uganda. We are also coordinating our activities with the national programs of IUCN (The World Conservation Union) in Uganda and Kenya.

Funding and in-kind support for the program is generously provided by the Disney Wildlife Conservation Fund, the Small Grants for Wetlands Programme (Netherlands), the North Carolina Zoo, Makerere University, NatureUganda, Moi University, and the International Crane Foundation.