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Khingansky Reserve

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The Khingansky Reserve was established in 1963 to protect habitat for threatened species of cranes and storks in the Amur Region, Russia. The reserve has an established breeding program for Red-crowned and White-naped Cranes, which have been released within the reserve to augment the natural breeding populations of these species. Guided by coordinated species breeding plans, the Khingansky Reserve breeding program is partnering with zoos in the United States, which have provided eggs from their captive cranes for the Russian reintroduction program.

ICF has collaborated with the Khingansky Reserve since 1992. Between 1994 and 1998, working with Vladimir and Rimma Andronov, ICF donated 36 female crane eggs for reintroduction at Khingansky. Seven of those cranes are now monitored at this reserve, which serves as their wintering ground.

For more information contact Rimma Andronov