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Daurski Nature Reserve

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The Daurski Nature Reserve in the Chita Region, Russia is located in the center of the trans-boundary Dauria International Protected Area, established in 1994. Since 1990, ICF has assisted in efforts to establish this reserve with sister reserves in Mongolia and China in a coordinated effort for research and management of rare birds and their ecosystems. Issues such as conservation and management challenges and specific plans to define needs of cranes to alleviate conflict with farmers have been addressed.

This massive nature reserve has a very different landscape than other crane and wetland sites. There is dry steppe, and an array of large and small wetlands of high importance for five species of cranes. This international area is also home to more than 20 globally-threatened species of birds.

Before establishment of the reserve, information about biodiversity in this region was very limited. Cooperation in the Dauria International Protected Area is key to crane conservation in this area of the world.

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