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The Crane Working Group of Eurasia (CWGE), formerly the Crane Working Group of the USSR, was reinstated in 2000 after a ten year absence following the collapse of the USSR. The general aim of the CWGE is the compilation and distribution of information on the current status of crane populations and conservation activities both in Russia and worldwide. In addition, the CWGE coordinates regional research and conservation projects, implements education programs, publishes a semi-annual newsletter, and maintains and establishes contact with other foreign and international crane organizations.

The CWGE is an active collaborator with the International Crane Foundation. CWGE members, together with the assistance of ICF, established two international nature reserves – Lake Khanka in Far Eastern Russia and northeast China and the Dauria International Nature Reserve along the borders of Russia, China and Mongolia – that protect habitat for several threatened crane species, including the Red-crowned, White-naped and Siberian Crane. The CWGE and ICF also collaborate on innovative captive breeding and reintroduction programs for the endangered Siberian Crane led by the Oka Biosphere Reserve in central Russia. For more information on the CWGE contact Elena Ilyashenko, Executive Director of the CWGE, Tel/fax: +7 – (095)- 205-90-01.

CWGE Publications (Russian with English summaries):

CWGE Newsletter No. 11 2011

CWGE Newsletter No. 12 2013 (part 1)/(part 2)

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