Whooping Crane Conservation

Whooping Cranes at ICF

Whooping Crane family at the ICF Amoco Whooping Crane Exhibit.

Back from the brink, North America’s Whooping Crane is a symbol of hope for endangered species. Recovering from a low of only 22 birds in the wild in the 1940s to around 599 birds today (captive and wild), the Whooping Crane’s recovery is one of conservation’s most inspiring success stories.

ICF is committed to two vital Whooping Crane conservation programs: breeding and reintroducing Whooping Cranes along the eastern flyway from the upper Midwest to southeastern states, and protecting essential wintering habitat in the Guadalupe River basin of Texas for the world’s last self-sustaining population.


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Raising Cranes

Five Steps to Save Whooping Cranes

Step 1. Raising Cranes
Through captive breeding ICF produces ten to 20 Whooping Crane chicks each spring for reintroduction and genetic management.

Into the Wild

Step 2. Into the Wild
ICF and our partners are returning Whooping Cranes to the wild through Direct Autumn Release, ultralight-led migration, and other reintroduction methods.

Healthy Birds

Step 3. Healthy Birds
ICF plays a key role in monitoring the health, behavior and movements of Whooping Cranes.

Healthy Homes

Step 4. Healthy Homes
ICF and our partners work to protect and monitor the quality of critical ecosystems used by the Whooping Crane.

Sharing Their Story

Step 5. Sharing Their Story
The Whooping Crane's survival is dependent on the actions of people. ICF shares their story and inspires people to work together to ensure a future that includes the call of the Whooping Crane.