Whooping Crane Updates

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Endangered Whooping Crane Hatches!

The International Crane Foundation has announced this spring’s first hatch of a Whooping Crane chick at its headquarters in Baraboo, Wisconsin. As a federally designated endangered species, the hatch of a Whooping Crane is always a significant event. The fact that it was hatched through a captive breeding program for release into the wild is further evidence of how critical such programs are to the species’ survival.

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Egg Score Card 2015

Our captive Whooping Cranes are laying eggs – breeding season is here! A tradition at the International Crane Foundation is to follow our “Egg Score Card,” which tracks the Whooping Crane eggs from our captive flock, as well as wild Whooping Crane nests in Wisconsin.

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The Unfinished Story of the Whooping Crane

Whooping Cranes have never faced more threats. Click here to support our work to conserve this beloved bird.

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Endangered Species “Vanishing” from the International Crane Foundation

In observance of the tenth anniversary of Endangered Species Day, Whooping Cranes will “vanish” from their exhibits at the International Crane Foundation. Their implied disappearance is meant to highlight the growing need to save endangered species from extinction.

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Saving Whooping Cranes One Egg at a Time

We stole 15 Whooping Crane eggs. But don’t worry! It’s all part of a science-based strategy to increase the number of Whooping Cranes above their current world population of just 600 birds. And, so far, the results are looking good.

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