Whooping Crane Updates

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Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership Captures Hybrid Whooping Crane

The Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership (WCEP) and staff with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service have captured a hybrid crane chick, referred to as a ‘Whoophill,’ in eastern Wisconsin and will place the chick in captivity. Whoophills are a result of a successful pairing between a Whooping crane and a Sandhill crane.

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Egg Score Card 2015

Our captive Whooping Cranes are laying eggs – breeding season is here! A tradition at the International Crane Foundation is to follow our “Egg Score Card,” which tracks the Whooping Crane eggs from our captive flock, as well as wild Whooping Crane nests in Wisconsin.

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International Crane Foundation Receives Prestigious Plume Award for Whooping Crane Captive Management

It’s a feather in our cap! We are honored to receive the Plume Award for our Whooping Crane captive breeding program.

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Our Commitment Remains after Supreme Court Denies Whooping Crane Case

Whooping Cranes may not go to the highest Court in the land, but the International Crane Foundation is resolved to continue to champion for the future of this endangered species. Earlier today, the U.S. Supreme Court announced that they will not hear an important case aimed at securing freshwater for Whooping Cranes in Texas, an ongoing legal battle since 2013.

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Whoopsie, the Whooping-Sandhill Crane Chick

Crane chicks always cause a bit of a stir, but one in particular is making waves among Wisconsinites near its home in the Horicon National Wildlife Refuge and with craniacs everywhere. Affectionately named “Whoopsie,” the chick is a hybrid of a male Whooping Crane and a female Sandhill Crane. With all the excitement around this unusual mix comes much curiosity. Read on for answers to your most pressing “Whoophill” questions!

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