Ways to Give

Gifts to the International Crane Foundation can be made in a number of ways. The simplest method is a cash donation, however other gifts such as stocks, bonds and property (real estate as well as personal property) can provide you with a creative and tax advantaged donation.

International Crane Foundation Consistently Rated Highly by Charity Navigator

Our programs are advanced through the careful use of our donors’ charitable investments. Eighty-seven percent of every dollar raised at ICF goes directly to conservation programs. ICF consistently receives high ratings from Charity Navigator, placing us among the most accountable and best run charities in America. The organization provides charitable givers with information on more than seventeen hundred charities and evaluates the financial health of each of these charities. To access ICF's rating data, please visit: www.charitynavigator.org

Gifts of cash are the most common form of gift to the ICF. A cash gift is easy, and is not subject to estate taxation. Contributions postmarked by December 31st are deductible for the tax year even if received by ICF in January.

A cash gift entitles you to a charitable deduction of up to 50% of adjusted gross income. If all deductible gifts exceed the 50 percent limitation, you may carry over the excess amount for up to five years.

Example: Nellie Jones has an adjusted gross income of $50,000 this year. If she contributes $35,000 to ICF; she may deduct $25,000 this year and $10,000 next year.

Cash gifts made by credit card can be made by clicking this link.

Gifts of Appreciated Securities
Gifts of appreciated stocks are another popular form of gift to ICF. Often creating a win-win situation, the donor has the opportunity to avoid potential capital gains and receive a charitable deduction for the fair market value of the securities.

Securing the Future
Not everyone can be a major donor during their lifetime. Most of us need our current assets to provide for ourselves and our families. At our death however, most of us can provide major support to ICF in a number of ways. If the mission of ICF is something you would like to support after your death, allow us to show you several different options.

Memorial Gifts
Remembering a friend or loved one who has died by making a donation in their name is a wonderful tribute to their memory.

This popular program makes a great gift for children and grandchildren and helps educate them to the plight of endangered species and general environmental issues.

Gift Annuities
"Give the tree and keep the fruit." This new program at ICF allows you to make a donation and retain income from the asset for the rest of your life.

Between April 15 and May 31, you can raise money for ICF by taking part in a fun hobby - bird-watching.