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ICF Co-founder, Dr. George Archibald and ICF staff members host incredible group tours around the globe giving interested travelers the rare opportunity to visit exotic lands and indigenous people while exploring cranes, their habits and crane conservation.

    I have been on many ecotours with different non-profits, but going with Dr. Archibald was the most informative trip I have ever experienced. One perceives the influence of his life long work, and he provides entrée into worlds that would otherwise be inaccessible to me. I felt good that my visit to these fascinating places actually benefited the wildlife and native people. It doesn't hurt to be with a world-class ornithologist either!
    -Nina Griswold


High in the mysterious and majestic eastern Himalayas, nestled between Tibet and India, lies the small Kingdom of Bhutan, increasingly renowned as one of the Earth's last precious unspoiled spots. In this magical place, an intact Buddhist culture is integrated into every aspect of daily life, and spectacular mountain scenery provides a backdrop to pristine forests and picturesque valleys. The breathtaking landscape is dotted with fluttering prayer flags, colorful farmhouses amidst terraced fields, and impressive monasteries clinging to impossible cliffs.

Until recently, Bhutan's remoteness, steep terrain, and tightly controlled tourism have ensured that its incredible beauty and fascinating people remained a quiet secret known only to a few. Bhutan was closed to outsiders until 1960; its first roads were built in 1969; and no tourists were permitted until 1974. Even today, one is more likely to encounter red-robed monks than a group of foreigners. Amidst cultural and political upheavals elsewhere in the region, Bhutan is the only remaining intact Himalayan Buddhist kingdom.

This shining cultural gem is also a bird-watcher's paradise. Its moist climate and wide altitudinal range-- from sub-tropical lowlands to arctic-like mountain peaks-- provide an array of climatic conditions and habitats, from tropical jungles to temperate forests and tundra that support over 600 bird species. They include some of the most exotic and rare species in the eastern Himalayas. Ten species of birds that are in danger of extinction are found in Bhutan, including the Black-necked Crane, which traditionally winters in the valleys of Phobjikha and Bomdeling. The diversity of bird life in Bhutan is accentuated by the migrations of hundreds of species between breeding grounds across a vast expanse of central Asia and wintering areas on the subcontinent of India.

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