Lufthansa - ICF's Official Airline

Lufthansa German Airlines has been one of the International Crane Foundation's longest supporters and a wonderful friend to cranes throughout the world.

For decades, Lufthansa has been donating flights to assist our work. On 17 May 1983, for example, a Lufthansa flight left America with most unusual passengers – Siberian Crane eggs, laid by captive cranes in Baraboo and destined for placement in wild crane nests 9,000 miles away in the Soviet Union. ICF Co-founder George Archibald accompanied the eggs, in the earliest of experiments to return captive-produced Siberian Cranes to the wild.

This fall, Lufthansa created a generous barter agreement with ICF, providing flights during the next three years. Given that Lufthansa flies to more than 300 cities around the world, we could not wish for a more effective gift to ICF's global programs.

Lufthansa similarly has provided support for many years close to home, where German researchers collaborating with colleagues throughout Europe have made the Eurasian Crane perhaps the most thoroughly studied of the world's cranes. Aside from international flights that enable researchers to work together, Lufthansa has been a primary supporter in creation of the Crane Information Center, a handsome facility in the village of Gross Mohrdorf of northeastern Germany, and close to the spectacular crane resting areas along the Baltic, where 50,000 migrant cranes pause on migration south each autumn.

Lufthansa's support is creative and varied. Once, when ICF's Jim Harris visited craniac Carl von Treuenfels at his farmhouse near Neu Horst, he literally stumbled over a two-foot tall statue of a crowned crane, made in Johannesburg out of scrap metal. With long legs, strong beak and flamboyant crown, this spiky bird would be a real challenge to carry from South Africa to Germany. Lufthansa nevertheless flew 200 of them all the way to Frankfurt, free of charge, advertised them in its internal newsletter and website, and sold all in two days! All proceeds went to the South Africa Crane Working Group.

Lufthansa support has made possible the beautiful English edition of Carl von Treuenfels' The Magic of Cranes. Years of support enabled Carl to visit and study cranes on five continents, and Lufthansa has generously assisted with the translation and publication of this new book – available in ICF's on-line gift shop. Lufthansa has even given ICF 100 copies of this book, to help with our crane work.

Our deep thanks to Lufthansa!