Siberian Crane Wetland Project

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In 2003 the International Crane Foundation, in collaboration with the governments of China, Iran, Kazakhstan and Russia, launched the UNEP/GEF Siberian Crane Wetland Project. The six-year project focuses on a network of globally important wetlands in Eurasia that are of critical importance for migratory waterbirds and other wetland biodiversity. The project uses the globally threatened Siberian Crane as a flagship species, linking activities at 16 key wetlands along the species' western and eastern flyways. 

The project links activities at the site, national and international level focusing on wetland research and conservation, flyway and waterbird monitoring, education and public awareness, and capacity building and community co-management. In China project activities are implemented at five national-level nature reserves along the Siberian Cranes' eastern flyway.  

To learn more visit the Siberian Crane Wetland Project website.

Location: Poyang Lake Nature Reserve, Zhalong Nature Reserve, Xianghai and Keerqin Nature Reserves, and Momoge Nature Reserve
Major Partners: China State Forestry Administration, National Bird Banding Center of China
Focus: Wetland Ecology, Capacity Building, Education, Community-based Conservation, Migratory Birds
Funding: Global Environment Facility (GEF), United National Environment Programme (UNEP)
Year Initiated: 2003-2009