North America


Sandhill Crane (left) courtesy John Ford

The International Crane Foundation's work in North America focuses on both cranes and the land they share with people. Only two species of crane are found in North America—the Sandhill Crane, the most abundant crane species in the world—and the Whooping Crane, the rarest of the 15 species of crane.

Near our headquarters in central Wisconsin, we are studying wild Sandhill Cranes to learn more about the habitats the cranes use, how the population develops, and interactions between cranes and people. Further afield, ICF is a key partner in current efforts to return the Whooping Crane to the eastern United States. We support this work through captive breeding, monitoring, ecosystem research and education. We are also working to protect and restore water supplies and habitat for Whooping Cranes in other regions, including the wintering area for the last naturally occurring population along the Gulf Coast of Texas.

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