By becoming a member of ICF, you join thousands of people supporting our programs to solve problems
confronting cranes and the survival of many species, including our own. Together, we will continue to make
meaningful differences in our world. Photo by John Ford

You can make a difference

Today, 11 of the 15 crane species are threatened with extinction. Your International Crane Foundation (ICF) membership supports effective conservation programs in over 20 countries where cranes need help. The same challenges facing people – environmental degradation and growing demands on diminishing supplies of fresh water – impact the survival of cranes. ICF is dedicated to identifying and implementing constructive solutions that address the urgent needs of people while protecting cranes and the natural places on which they depend.

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Membership has its benefits

All ICF members:

  • icf_bugle_membershipSupport an organization dedicated to saving one of the Earth’s most endangered families of birds – the cranes, which embody goodwill and cooperation worldwide;

  • Learn more about our exciting work around the globe through our celebrated, quarterly newsletter, The ICF Bugle (right), our monthly e-newsletter, ICF Contact Call, presentations made by ICF staff, and travel opportunities with ICF to critical sites for cranes around the world;

  • Receive an invitation to our Annual Member Appreciation Day (including special tours of ICF’s breeding and chick rearing facilities normally off-limits to the public) and opportunities to meet field staff and learn about their work;

  • Receive free admission and tours for you and a number of guests (see chart below) at our global headquarters in Baraboo, Wisconsin, the only place in the world to see all 15 species of cranes (open daily from April 15-October 31);

  • Receive a 10% discount on all ICF merchandise in our gift shop;

  • Receive admission and benefits at over 150 zoos and aquariums in the United States and Canada (view a listing of participating organizations).

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Membership Level No. of Free Guests Gift Amount
Student or Senior 2 free guests $25
Individual 3 free guests $35
Family Immediate family & 3 guests $50
Associate Immediate family & 4 guests $100
Sustaining Immediate family & 6 guests $250
Sponsor Immediate family & 8 guests $500
Patron Unlimited $1,000
Benefactor Unlimited $2,000
Cranemaker Unlimited $10,000