The Ron Sauey Memorial Library for Bird Conservation is the research library of the International Crane Foundation (ICF) and supports the programs of ICF by collecting and disseminating materials on bird conservation and crane conservation in particular. The library was founded in 1991 in memory of Ronald Sauey, co-founder of the International Crane Foundation.

In addition to serving the staff and volunteers at the Baraboo headquarters, the library serves as a global clearinghouse for crane information for researches and colleagues around the world, and thus welcomes any new research, manuscripts, articles or reports on cranes in any language. The library collection focuses on crane conservation materials, but also covers a wide range of other subjects including: ornithology, cranes in literature, conservation biology, conservation philosophy, wetlands ecology, grasslands ecology, natural history, botany, and avian veterinary medicine.

The library holds approximately 3,000 book titles in the areas of ornithology, conservation, cranes, ecology, zoology, and botany, including a substantial collection of proceedings, dissertations and theses. The most significant portion of the collection, however, is the 8000 item reprint file, containing reprints of journal and newspaper articles relating to cranes, correspondence, hand-drawn maps, and numerous unpublished papers and reports from researchers worldwide. Many are one-of-a-kind items. In addition to collecting major journal titles in ornithology and conservation biology, the library receives over 200 newsletters and magazines from a multitude of conservation and ornithological organizations around the world. The library holds over 40,000 slides of cranes and their habitats, as well as a collection of audio and videotapes. Visit the digital library on this website.

The library is open by appointment -- if you wish to visit, conduct research, or hold a meeting in the library, please contact the librarian.