Job Opportunities

Marketing and Public Relations Specialist

Reports To: Vice President Development and Marketing
Department: Development
FSLA Status: Exempt
Supervision: No

Position Summary: The Marketing and Public Relations Specialist (MPR Specialist) supports the mission of the International Crane Foundation (ICF) by planning, directing and managing ICF’s marketing strategies, communications, and public relations. The MPR Specialist will be a key spokesperson for ICF with the media and ICF membership; building brand awareness with targeted audiences; and collaborating with other communications and development staff across ICF.


  • Oversee development and production of ICF written materials and presentations to ensure consistency of key messages, brand positioning and image, tone and voice in all communications.
  • Coordinate marketing and communication at the strategic and tactical levels with ICF’s programs and development staff.
  • Serve as a spokesperson for ICF, building relationships with media, key influencers, and select stakeholders; and writing and distributing press releases that reflect ICF’s mission and core messaging.
  • Increase awareness of ICF by working with community groups, organizations, media and targeted audiences.
  • Raise favorability and consideration of ICF with target audiences as measured against comparable organizations.
  • Work with other staff members to plan and implement a broad range of public relations activities, e.g. special events on and off site.
  • Direct social media marketing through internal and external sources.

Keep Whooping Cranes Safe Coordinator

Position Background and Summary:

The endangered Whooping Crane is the rarest crane species in the world and one of the rarest bird species in North America. From a low of only 22 individuals in the early 1950s, Whooping Cranes are slowly coming back from the brink of extinction. Federal and state governments and conservation partners have spent significant resources and used their best science to help Whooping Cranes recover. However, now that Whooping Cranes are more prevalent, they are being illegally shot at an increasing and unsustainable rate. ICF is launching a Keep Whooping Cranes Safe (KWCS) 5-year initiative that intends to (1) create communities that care about Whooping Cranes where the cranes are most at risk, (2) involve citizens in their protection, and (3) work with partners and the criminal justice system to increase negative consequences of shooting Whooping Cranes. 

The KWCS Coordinator will provide leadership and coordination for the initiative and be responsible for assuring progress toward the initiative’s three goals outlined above. This is initially a two year position with the potential for extension to the full duration of the initiative (envisioned for five years).

The KWCS Coordinator will  spend the majority of her/his time working with communities to foster awareness and caring for Whooping Cranes and involving community members in actions to safeguard Whooping Cranes in their areas. Toward the first goal, creating communities that care, s/he will work initially in several pilot communities (likely in Alabama, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Texas) in areas where Whooping Cranes have been shot. During the first year, the coordinator will learn about the communities, identify key players, engage outreach agents in each community, and work with those outreach agents to develop social marketing pride campaigns aimed at creating communities that care. During the second year, the coordinator will work very closely with the outreach agents and other key players in the communities to implement the pride campaigns, evaluate their successes, and translate what we learn into a plan to expand efforts to other communities along Whooping Crane flyways. In addition, the coordinator will work with others to design and develop “Migration Sensation”, an interactive multi-media environmental education tool to help upper elementary and middle school age children learn and want to do something about threats to Whooping Cranes.

Toward the second and third goals, involving citizens in their protection and increasing negative consequences, the coordinator will form appropriate partnerships to assure hunters are educated to know how to identify Whooping Cranes in all conditions; to involve hunters, land-owners and other citizens in monitoring and keeping “watch” over the Whooping Cranes in their areas; and to work with many different groups to increase public outcry and negative consequences when Whooping Cranes are shot.


Yangtze Basin Program Officer

The International Crane Foundation (ICF) is hiring for a new position -  Yangtze Basin Program Officer. The Program Officer will coordinate the implementation of ICF's diverse activities at Poyang Lake, China and, as appropriate, their expansion into other parts of the mid-Yangtze River Basin (for details, please see Position Description). For those who are interested, please send (1) a CV; (2) letter of interest; and (3) contact information for three references. ICF is accepting applications until October 1, 2014 or until the position is filled. Please contact Li Fengshan, Ph.D., ICF China Program Coordinator - Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; Tel: 608-356-9462, ext 158 (USA) or 13641026560 (China).



国际鹤类基金会拟招聘一名长江项目官员,主要协调和实施国际鹤类基金会在鄱阳湖以及今后长江中下游其他地区的保护和研究工作。长江项目官员的申请资格和职责描述见附件。有兴趣者,并提交如下英文信息和材料:(1)简历;(2)申请信;(3)三名推荐人联系信息。申请截至日期为2014年10月1日。 联系人:李凤山 博士 国际鹤类基金会中国项目协调人 电子邮箱:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  或者 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 电    话:608-356-9462, ext 158 (美国); 13641026560 (中国)


The International Crane Foundation invites applications for the position of Aviculturist.

The Aviculturist will be part of a team of five full-time aviculturists and reports directly to the Curator of Birds. S/he will work closely with aviculture staff and interns to insure the proper care and breeding of ICF's captive population of cranes, and assist with the implementation of genetic and demographic management goals through AZA and other regional or global management programs. The position will work closely with Veterinary Services to coordinate preventative medicine programs and clinical care of birds.

A current focus of our collection is to provide birds to support reintroduction of endangered species of cranes into the wild, especially Whooping Cranes. The Aviculturist will participate in all aspects of breeding and rearing cranes for release, including isolation rearing techniques. This is a full-time position offering a competitive salary and benefits.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Participate in all aspects of the daily care and management of the captive flock.
  • Daily cleaning of crane pens, provision of clean water and fresh feed.
  • Daily observation and recording/reporting of crane behaviors as they relate to health and management of the flock.
  • Facilitate communication through updates of databases related to aviculture activities and participate in regular departmental meetings and daily planning sessions.
  • Participate in the captive propagation program through: observations of breeding behavior, practicing artificial insemination, regulating diet, managing various incubator room equipment, pair socializations, rearing chicks, and behavioral modification.
  • Assist in the management of public display birds to support site visitor program and meet avicultural goals.
  • Participate in the training of interns or visiting colleagues on aviculture techniques, small population management, and related issues.