ICF Career Profiles

James Harris has been part of the ICF team for over seventeen years. As a newcomer in 1984, James headed ICF’s education and training programs. He then served as Deputy Director for 12 years, prior to becoming President in 2000. James is especially interested in bringing local communities and conservationists together with a shared vision for safeguarding wild resources, and for finding local benefits to conservation. He has been closely involved in several unique programs for cranes:
  • establishment of Muraviovka Park, the first privately protected area in Russia

  • creation of a long-term experiment to integrate rural development with wetland conservation at Caohai Nature Reserve in the poorest province in China.

  • and preserving the natural harmony at the birthplace of Buddha in Nepal, as a demonstration of the linkages between ancient Buddhist teaching and modern conservation challenges.

He helped establish two international nature reserves for wetlands and grasslands straddling the Russia-China border. In 2001, James received the Friendship Award from the Government of China, in recognition of 16 years of service to Chinese conservation.