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I Give a Whoop!

I Give A Whoop!

America’s tallest bird, the Whooping Crane, is endangered and needs your help.

Standing five feet tall and snowy white with a red patch on their heads, Whooping Cranes are beautiful and rare. They have slowly grown to number about 400 birds in the wild after reaching a low of fewer than 20 in the 1940s.

Unfortunately, scientists warn that the future of the species is still in peril.

The International Crane Foundation is working to protect Whooping Cranes from threats like fresh water shortages, wetland destruction, power line collisions, illegal shootings, and more. But we need your help to protect Whooping Cranes from extinction.

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All the Whooping Cranes in the world
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1. Be able to accurately identify a Whooping Crane. Click here to view our ID guide and see how Whooping Cranes measure up with other similar birds.

Large Waterbirds of North America: An Identification Guide

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