ICF's Education Department provides information, instruction and inspiration to engage people in the conservation of cranes and the ecosystems on which they depend, and through the cranes, introduces concepts that apply to other species, and to environmental conservation as a whole. Through education, we are dedicated to uniting people in a common goal of resolving the threats to natural communities that support cranes and other wildlife.

To achieve our mission, the Education Department's goals are to disseminate our messages as widely as possible, both on-site and through outreach work, using the latest teaching methods and technologies available to us. Additionally, we aim to provide the information needed for our audiences to become knowledgeable and to inspire them to affect change through conservation activities.

The Education Department coordinates all of the on-site educational activities (field trips, tours, etc.), as well as all outreach education programs. The Education Department staff includes the Visitor Programs Coordinator, Education Outreach Coordinator, three Naturalists, a Naturalist intern, and an international intern. Each year, education staff interacts with approximately 26,000 on-site visitors and an additional 19,000 people through our outreach programs.