Conservation & Research

To provide a secure future for the world's fifteen species of cranes and the ecosystems they depend on, the International Crane Foundation works through a wide array of conservation programs and research projects. Conservation measures at ICF include protecting important crane habitats by establishing protected areas, restoring damaged ecosystems, reintroducing rare cranes, linking poverty alleviation with conservation, solving crop damage problems, and working with local landowners or communities. In many places ICF leads by addressing the diverse needs of the cranes, the ecosystems where they occur, and the human communities with which they co-exist. Elsewhere ICF works in partnership with other organizations to meet shared goals. ICF also acts as a repository of crane-related knowledge, collecting and disseminating materials on bird and crane conservation in particular.

In this section, you will learn about the fascinating work being done by crane conservationists and research biologists throughout the world. For those interested in learning about cranes in greater detail, this section also includes information on publications on cranes, their biology and ecology, their conservation needs, and the connections between cranes and people.