Board of Directors

Detail of "Salute to the Dawn" by Owen Gromme

ICF is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, which focuses on policy issues and has fiduciary responsibility for the organization. ICF staff and Directors are assisted by a volunteer Board of Advisors comprised of colleagues from the five continents where cranes occur.

Board Officers  
President and Chief Executive Officer
Richard Beilfuss
Hall Healy
Vice Chair
James Brumm
Robert Dohmen
Charles Gibbons
Co-Founder and Senior Conservationist
George Archibald
Lawrence Benjamin Patti Brash McKeithan
Leslie Coolidge Janet McKenna
A. Sidney England Gerd Muehllehner
Ann Hamilton Margery Nicolson
Mirabel Helme Hugh O'Halloran
Heather Henson Harry Peterson
Robert Hoguet Regina Phelps
Paul King Jeanne Prochnow
Urban C. Lehner John Shepard
Lalise Mason Bill Smith
Nancy Mathews Jeff Sundberg
Nancy Merrill Tim Tuff
Emeritus Directors  
Joseph Branch Judith Derse Langenbach
Robert Brumder Mark Lefebvre
William Conway Nancy O'Donnell
Jane Dana Kathleen D. Ryan
Richard Dana Donald Sauey
John Day Victoria Shaw
Thomas Donnelley, II Richard Steeves
Samuel Evans Ann Tisdale
Rick Fox Carl-Albrecht von Treuenfels
Nina Griswold Sandi Whitmore
Forrest Hartman (Co-Founder) Ginny Wolfe
Thomas Hoffmann Belinda Wright
Charles Jahn  
Chairs of the Board
Forrest Hartmann (1973-1978)
Mary Wickhem (1978-2000)
George Archibald (2000-2002)
Joseph Branch (2002-2010)
Hall Healy (2010-present)