Cape May WarblerDear Bird-a-thon Enthusiasts,

Wow! What a great 2014 Bird-a-thon! Thank you to everyone who participated this year to help raise funds for the International Crane Foundation (ICF). You almost doubled the amount of money raised in 2013. ICF is extremely appreciative to the many birders and sponsors who, together, helped raise $42,541 for the conservation of cranes.

We are honored to present the complete list of winners below (current staff and board members excluded). Thank you to Eagle Optics for donating prizes.

Photo: Cape May Warbler by K.S. Gopi Sundar


Individual or team raising the most dollars:

1st Prize: The Kenko OP 8x42DH Mark II Binoculars go to Team Twar-Bra-Bru who raised a total of $2,058.75 for the cranes.

2nd Prize: The Eagle Optics Ranger 6x32 Binoculars go to Team Tennessee who raised a total of $1,750 for the cranes.

Individual or team spotting the most species:

The “Big Day” Birder Prize goes to Team Hamburg with 120 species recorded. They win the Eagle Optics Ranger 8x32 Binoculars. This was a close one!

Honorable Mention (for those who did not qualify to win a prize):

Team Craniac recorded 131 species and raised a total of $30,527 – double what they raised last year!

John and Judy Day recorded 91 species and raised a total of $5,151 – Team Day did their Bird-a-thon in Botswana.

The most species spotted was achieved by one of ICF’s Board Members, Jeff Sundberg, and his team. They recorded a whopping 151 different species! 

For those of you who followed the competition between the Craniacs and the Buntings (ICF’s staff team), the Craniacs won both challenges. Team Bunting recorded 108 species and raised $899. Don’t worry, though, as the Buntings will be back stronger than ever next year!

Join us for Bird-a-thon 2015 from April 1st – June 30th. More details to come.

Congratulations and thank you again for supporting this event. If you have any questions or comments regarding the Bird-a-thon, please call (608) 356-9462.



Prizes for the most funds raised and most species observed are generously donated by Eagle Optics.
Thank you!