International Crane Foundation


Intern Opportunities

Aviculture Internship

The International Crane Foundation (ICF) is seeking to fill three Aviculture Internship positions for fall 2019.

Background:  ICF is a leader in the conservation of the world’s 15 crane species and is dedicated to providing experience, knowledge and inspiration to involve people in resolving threats to cranes and the ecosystems vital to their long-term survival. ICF’s world headquarters is located just outside Baraboo, Wisconsin, one hour north of Madison. ICF is open to the public every day from April 15 to October 31 each year; due to exhibit renovations ICF is closed to the public in 2019. ICF exhibits the only collection in the world of all 15 crane species. The Crane Conservation Department (CCD) is responsible for the care and management of approximately 110 birds year-round. CCD Aviculture interns assist the full-time staff in the day to day management of the collection.

Duration:  Six-month internship. Positions to start in September or October.

Description: Aviculture Interns will gain valuable hands-on experience working with the ICF Crane Conservation Department and will:

  • Develop husbandry skills related to daily cleaning and feeding of the flock
  • Assist with routine crane facility maintenance activities
  • Learn and practice safe crane handling and restraint techniques
  • Conduct behavior observations associated with new pair socializations or animal welfare assessments
  • Acquire an understanding of captive propagation techniques including artificial insemination, egg incubation and chick rearing
  • Participate in the management of birds in captivity specifically for zoological institutions or reintroduction programs
  • Achieve experience planning, designing, implementing and evaluating a behavioral modification program
  • Learn about ICF project initiatives related to crane ecology, behavior and husbandry, field conservation and ecology, and ecosystem restoration techniques and processes
  • Meet and work with a variety of international colleagues and professional staff at ICF
  • Potentially assist in the completion of one or several projects related to the goals, work plan and objectives of the ICF Crane Conservation Department (e.g. help with behavioral monitoring; data entry and analysis; research related projects, etc.)